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Hello to our family of customers!!  Thank you for finding our new blog and taking time to ready to get to know what our business is all about.  Handmade Moms, LLC is a mom/daughter craft business of two handy moms who create handmade specialties leaving a handprint of joy with our customer family!  We have decided to join the blogging world today.  We started a blog so we can share how we make our crafts, our story, and any tips we learn along the way as we grow our business with our followers. Our special logo is our dear angel mom/grandmother, MaMaMa’s handprint. She is our daily inspiration for creating our crafts.

Our love of crafts, thrifting, antiquing, and repurposing is reflected in our handmade pieces. We offer a handful of one of a kind items: wreaths, frames, handbags, jewelry, and toys. We have many other hand designed specialties for your enjoyment.  We love custom orders, so contact us if you have an idea you would like us to create and we would love to bring that idea to life!  We can personalize any item as well to make it handmade just for you.

We have always had a dream to create a business together and now that our children/grandchildren are getting older we were able to make our dream a reality.  Our children/grandchildren are our daily movitvation, and even help us with ideas for our products.  We are happy to be able to work on Handmade Moms, while also being with them on a daily basis since family is so important in life!  We are also so grateful for the support of our wonderful husbands as we embark on this adventure of small business ownership.  A happy customer is what we always desire.  Our love of working together, combined with our talent and passion for crafts, and our awesome customer service to our special family of customers, is what will make Handmade Moms LLC a successful adventure 🙂

Currently we are working on an order for 2 seashell wreaths which will be on their way to California this week.  Each require handglueing approximately 300 shells on each wreath to make them each unique. We love creating these as it reminds us of our yearly family vacation to Sunset Beach, NC.  Our next adventure will be a pencil and paper wreath for a friend who is a middle school language arts teacher.

After these 2 orders are completed we are going to focus on wedding decor, wedding favors, and wedding centerpieces.  If you have a wedding coming  up contact us today so we can help add a handmade touch to your special day!!

Thanks for reading and getting to know a little more about Handmade Moms!  If you like what you read and want a Handmade Moms specialty you can order by visiting our Etsy site, http://www.etsy.com/shop/handmademoms or visit us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/handmademoms and send us an email to handmademoms@gmail.com and we can invoice you via PayPal.

Bryce and Alexis


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