The Experience of Making our 2 Seashell wreath order

We have been working over the last week on an order for 2 of our seashell wreaths. We were so happy to get an order for these wreaths because we love the beach, and love shells, and can not wait to pass on this love of the ocean to a Handmade Moms customer.  We went out and purchased all the shells and ribbon for these 2 wreaths. Then we came home to begin laying out all the shells to see what ones would be perfect for each wreath.  We covered the base in beautiful white shells then filled in the wreath using all kinds of unique and colored shells. It is so much fun picking what shell is going where and seeing the wreath come to life before our eyes. The hot glue was hard to work with at times but that is why we are a team, we help each other out while creating!!  Below are some pictures of us working on the wreaths!

working on wreath #1working on wreath #2 working on wreath #3

After many hours of handglueing over 300 shells on each wreath, it was time to tie the burlap bows on.  Then came time to pack our wreaths for shipment to California.  We tied down each wreath and filled the boxes with lots of packing materials.  We added several blown up balloons to each box for extra cushioning.  This is a little tip we have learned that balloons are helpful to protect delicate crafts survive the mailing process!  And our boxes are off via Fed Ex on their way to California.  We can not wait to hear from our customer next week that the wreaths arrived and she has hung them on her double front door!   Pictures below of the final wreaths.

seashell closeup 3 seashell closeup 5

It brings us such joy to put in all the hard work to create each customer a unique craft just for them. Since each item we make is slightly different than the rest,it makes our items so much more special than mass produced items!!  We love being Handmade in the USA 🙂

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post and if you like our work we would love to create a Handmade Specialty for you today!! Visit us to order and see more of our work on Etsy at to order via credit card or paypal or facebook to order via PayPal at

We want to thank our awesome customer for sending the picture of the wreaths on her front door.  They leave a handprint of joy on her doors!!

Wreaths on customer door!

Bryce and Alexis


2 thoughts on “The Experience of Making our 2 Seashell wreath order

    • We would love to make a wreath for you! Thank you for your interest in handmade moms $59.95 plus $12 shipping on our Etsy site. We are having free shipping on all orders placed through Etsy by midnight Saturday February 14th please read your email for more details and let us know if we can help you. We would love to make a wreath for you! Thank you for your interest in Handmade Moms.


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