Creating a Pencil and Paper Wreath for Special Friend

Last week we presented our newest creation, a pencil and paper wreath, for a special friend who is a middle school language arts teacher. She just went back to teaching after being home with her children and she asked Handmade Moms LLC to create some decor for her classroom. We discussed back and forth and decided on a pencil and notebook paper wreath that had her name on it. We were excited to run with this new idea and see how it came together. We have created crayon wreaths but never a pencil and paper wreath.

We went out and got the supplies, number 2 pencils (made us feel like we are back in school!!), notebook paper, letters, scrapbook paper, wreath form, and wooden books. We came back to work on laying out the wreath.  We glued pencils around the wreath and then worked on the center circle of the wreath. We added her name and used beads to spell ‘welcome’.  We covered the wooden book cutouts in scrapbook paper to make them look like little novels. We went to secure the centerpiece but decided the wreath needed more pencils.  We added more pencils and then decided we should alternate point and eraser ends of the pencils. The wreath took on a star shape and was really starting to come together.  We were pleased!!

Then came the cone rolling of the notebook paper.  Trial and error went on for awhile but we finally got the cones to the correct size and secured them onto the wreath.  Once we added the centerpiece and we were finally very happy with the finished product.  We loved making this special and unique wreath for a wonderfully special and amazing friend. We thank her for supporting our business!!

We then tied down the wreath in the box and then could not wait to hand deliver and present the finished wreath to our friend.  She loved the wreath so much when we gave it to her and already knew when she was going to hang it in her classroom.  She said her students would love it too. That is all we can ask for, to bring a handprint of joy to our customers.  Another item created and another happy customer!!

This wreath will be listed on Etsy soon for sale,  However, if you want to order now please email us at or visit us on facebook at and we can invoice you through paypal.  The wreath is $40 plus $8 shipping. If you are local to us we will be happy to hand deliver your wreath so shipping will be free.  We can customize this for other areas of teaching like math, science, art, etc.  Let us know if we can handmake a wreath for you today!

Thanks for reading and following Handmade Moms work! Our customers are #1 to us!

Bryce and Alexis


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